VMware NSX-T 1.1 Technical White Paper

VMware NSX-T is designed to address emerging application frameworks and architectures that have heterogeneous endpoints and technology stacks. In addition to vSphere, these environments may also include other hypervisors, containers, bare metal, and public clouds. NSX-T allows IT and development teams to choose the technologies best suited for their particular applications. NSX-T is also designed for management, operations and consumption by development organizations – in addition for IT.

NSX-T is built to support the increasingly heterogeneous and app-driven realities of digital business environments. As IT’s role in this landscape becomes more complex, NSX-T provides an approach to support, manage and secure workloads running inside multiple clouds, containers and hypervisors, distributed across microservice architectures. And by enabling developers to consume networking resources via APIs or natively via Openstack NSX Neutron Plugin, NSX-T lets them treat infrastructure-as-code (IaC) within the context of their build and CI/CD pipeline, and get more work done, faster.


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